The best way to save energy and big bucks on utility bills is to make your house highly energy efficient. Maximum energy is wasted through the attic and the basement in any household. So, one needs to keep their attic energy efficient to avoid energy wastage. Achieving energy efficiency also guarantees that the monthly utility bills will be low. Some of the ways to achieve maximum energy efficiency in the attic are mentioned below-

  1. Make your attic air-tight

If your attic has multiple air leakage points, then you will have to get high energy bills. House owners need to make sure that their attic has no room for leakage. Some popular leakage areas include gaps around the windows, cracked ceilings, pipes, spaces between the attic and entrance doors. One needs to seal the air leakages; otherwise, they will have to face high fluctuations in the house temperature. People can easily find the leakage spots by running their hands through the ceiling and walls and feel the air sensation.

  1. Insulate the attic for the best

If you live in cold climatic weather conditions, then insulation is a critical aspect. One of the most preferred insulation techniques is the attic insulation foam in AjaxGood insulation guarantees high energy efficiency and low utility bills. Toronto Spray Foam Kings is known for its high-quality spray foam insulation in AjaxWe have more than a decade of experience in insulating and fireproofing.

A quality attic insulation foam in Ajax can bring down the energy cost to almost fifty percent. Good insulation also helps maintain the house’s temperature, which is extremely helpful in harsh winters and scorching summers. So, one doesn’t need to spend hours setting the right temperature on the thermostat.

  1. Ventilate your attic

Ventilation is another step that you can take to make your house more comfortable and energy-efficient. A well-ventilated attic will guarantee that you will have a pleasant summer indoors as the ventilation brings down the attic temperature. In the winters, a well-ventilated attic will ensure a decrease in ice dams and ice leakages so that the insulation will work adequately without many fluctuations in temperature.


Other ways of making your attic energy efficient include insulating the attic entrance, cleaning the attic ductwork regularly, and installing attic vents. You need to check your attic routinely to ensure that everything is working correctly. If you plan to get spray foam insulation in Ajax, then Toronto Spray Foam Kings is your ideal solution. Our team of highly trained professionals drafts innovative insulation solutions to meet all the insulation needs of the house. We also provide fireproofing services to protect the residential and commercial complexes from fire hazards.

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