Attic insulation can help house owners in saving more than 10% of the utility costs. Not only that, an adequately insulated attic serves a significant purpose. The primary purpose of attic insulation is to trap the heat in winters and keep the house cooler in the summers. Therefore, attic insulation is a high-energy-efficient task. Many homeowners prefer spray foam insulation in Markham, ON

For reaping the benefits of attic insulation, house owners need to schedule a routine attic insulation inspection and renovation. If people have recently moved into an old insulated house, then there are high chances that they need to get their attic insulated sooner than planned. There are many signs that you can notice while inspecting the current situation of attic insulation.

Many house owners also call-in attic inspection experts who insulate the attic’s condition and share their analysis with the house owners. Toronto Spray Foam Kings is one of the best companies for spray foam insulation in Markham, ONThey also offer services like thin-film intumescent paint on steel, cementitious deck coating in Markham, ONThey have been in the industry for decades and have a precise understanding of the insulation types required by different houses. Based on their experience, they have listed the most common signs that your attic needs insulation-

  • The High Energy Bills

The first significant sign that your attic insulation needs to be repaired or replaced is the high energy bills. Insufficient attic insulation might lead to a rise in energy bills by 10%. There are many reasons for high utility bills and energy loss. So, house owners need to conduct an energy audit in their house. The most probable energy leaks and high utility bills are poor insulation in the attic, home, and basement.

  • Pests and Rodents Infesting Your Attic

An insulated attic is resistant to pests and rodents since there is zero moisture in the attic. The spray foams and deck coatings prevent pest and rodent infestation in the attic. Pests and rodents love the attic because it is a safe space for them. The warmth and darkroom are ideal for rodents, pests, and other insects.

Therefore, if you start witnessing rodents and pests in your house on different occasions, there are high chances that your attic’s insulation has failed to keep the rodents and pests away. The various signs of rodent infestations include- odd stench and squeaky sounds coming from the basement. In addition, if your pet spends more time near the attic, then there are high chances of infestation.

If the house owners start finding regular animal droppings in their house or if they discover shredded cardboards and clothes here and there, then the rodents have already made your attic their home. In such cases, people should immediately check the attic insulation status and take action accordingly.

  • The Fluctuating Temperature Of The House

The insulated attic is primarily responsible for maintaining the temperature of the house. However, if you have experienced that you have to change the thermostat continuously, one needs to check the attic insulation. The fluctuating temperature is a sign of faulty attic insulation.

  • The Mold Outbreak

Molds are the fungus that grows in moisture and weakens the insulating foam. Mold growth negatively impacts the air quality of the house. If the mold growth is neglected for a more extended period, it will also affect the house’s durability.

Old attic insulation proves to be ineffective in preventing the mold outbreak in the attic. Molds can be of different colors like grey, black and yellow. House owners can easily find the gray and black mold if they notice the corners of the attic.

However, replacing the old attic insulation is not enough; one must pinpoint the attic leakage and seal it before insulation. Toronto Spray Foam Kings offer to airtight the attic before spray foam insulation in Markham, ONThey precisely examine every corner of the attic to find the leakage.

  • Leaky Roof

Roof leakages significantly affect the house, especially in the rainy season. In addition, it wrecks the budget of the house. Leaky roofs also affect the attic insulation, as the water is absorbed into the foams. The wet foam insulation leads to poor insulation, humidity, and moisture. Therefore, if the house owners have come across roof leakages, they need to check the attic insulation.


Attic insulation needs to be done by experts because they can better comprehend the attic insulation situation than homeowners. Toronto Spray King Foam is an expert in insulating, fireproofing, and deck coating. They are an expert in saving your driveways from concrete cancer by applying cementitious deck coating in Markham, ONThey are renowned throughout Ontario for their work ethics and professionalism.

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