Attic insulation is a thermally insulated, protective interior covering procedure using glass wool, rock wool, or phenolic foam. The main motive of the attic insulation in Brampton homes or commercial building is to reduce the heat and the cold air transfer inside the premises in summers and winters with lower thermal conductivity. It maintains the interior temperature and drastically reduces the energy bills of HVAC and is comfortable for the dwellers.

Types of Attic Insulation

  • Blown-in Insulation- In attic insulation, loose-fill materials are blown into attics and wall cavities in undergoing construction. For the old building, the cellulose insulation or glass wool is blown into the pit by drilling holes until it spreads into the entire space.
  • Loose-Fill Insulation- Loose-fill insulation is carried out by using small pieces of cellulose, glass wool, or rock wool. The best part of this insulation is that the procedure is carried out smoothly without disturbing the structure or finishing. Wet spray cellulose insulation is also an option that is carried out by using a small quantity of water, which aids in cellulose binding.
  • Spray Foam Insulation- Spray home insulation is the latest trend in insulation that is sprayed through the gun, and a small volume of spray expands up to 30 to 60 times of the liquid. It barricades even the most minor cavities providing effective air-barrier. It is expensive compared to traditional insulation techniques.

Why Should I Opt for Attic Insulation?

Maximum energy is utilized in space heating and water heating in Canadian homes. Air sealing upgrades and effective insulation plays a significant role. Attic insulation is specially designed to give a protective barrier to a home barring from extreme heat, cold, and humidity.

  • Lower Utility Bills
    It is assessed that the air barrier and insulating attics minimize an average of 15 percent of utility bills. The bills also rely on your lifestyle, and it can be different in different household and commercial premises, but still, it reduces drastically. You will realize that the cost of insulation is recovered in two-three years from the reduction in utility bills.
  • Safer Home Structure
    Attic insulation in Brampton saves your premises from heat, cold, molds, water-vapor, and moisture. The extreme fluctuations of weather gradually erode the structure of the house. It is even effective in preventing ice dams formed from the melting snows, and it takes care of the structure, crevices, and the materials of the house used for construction and beautification.


  • Improved Indoor Air Quality
    Air leaks invite dust, dirt, mildews, molds, and many other worse things in the absence of attic insulation. They add toxins to the environment degrading the quality of indoor air. Attic insulation safeguards you from these pollutants, and you have a clean house.
  • Better Comfort at Home
    Attic insulation maintains the temperature inside the house despite extreme weather conditions outside, therefore, providing comfort to the dwellers.
  • Safeguards HVAC System
    Poor insulation results in wear and tear of an HVAC system because it has to overwork in the absence of insulation. Well installed attic insulation regulates the temperature in summers and winters and increases the life of the HVAC system.

Whom to Choose for Attic Insulation?

Before choosing attic insulation for your premises, survey, and get feedback from the market about one of the best and reliable service provider. Experienced service providers have specialized and skilled professionals. Once you call them, you are free from botheration. They will render the best service and leave your place neat and tidy after completing the work. Attic insulation blown in Brock University is being carried out by several contractors. Hence, you have a range of options to end up choosing the best one.

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