You might be wondering why it’s a good idea to remove your old insulation if you’re planning on replacing your insulation. While it is feasible to leave old insulation in place if you want to maximize the benefit of your insulation upgrade, the specialists at Vermont Foam Insulation have emptied many times in the attics of Southern Vermont and Southwestern New Hampshire.

Is it necessary to remove existing insulation before installing new insulation?

While it may appear cost-effective to simply install new insulation on top of old insulation to save funds by not having to pay for as much new insulation, there are several reasons why it is preferable to start over. You can also find various Spray foam companies in Toronto.

Make Room for Air Sealing by clearing the decks.

It’s also important to air seal your Vermont or New Hampshire home while you’re upgrading the insulation. Drafts, surplus dust, or rooms that are too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer could all be signs of air leaks in your house.

Air leaks can reduce many forms of insulation and allow dust, allergens, viruses, and bacteria to enter your home. If you have leaks that need to be sealed, one of the advantages of entirely removing your old insulation is that it gives you access to air seal while you’re upgrading your insulation. The services by best spray foam companies in Toronto works amazingly.

Signs that it’s time to restore your old insulation

  1. Wet insulation

Have you noticed any leaks on your roof in the last few months? Ice dams or loose flashing surrounding your chimney could be blamed. Water and moisture are bad for cellulose and fiberglass attic insulation, regardless of how they got there. Moisture can cause the insulation to compress, diminishing its capacity to control heat transfer. Furthermore, when exposed to water or excessive humidity, many forms of insulation operate like a sponge. Wet insulation can also lead to musty mildew odors and harmful mold growth.

  1. Infestation with animals

If you’ve had mice, squirrels, or other vermin in your attic or on your external walls, your insulation has most certainly collected animal feces and other unhealthy debris. In this instance, the finest course of action is to remove the existing insulation. You will find some best spray foam companies in Toronto.

What is the procedure for removing insulation?

Vermont Foam Insulation has the proper equipment and experience to get rid of your old insulation. We’ll gather the old insulation with a giant vacuum-like apparatus and dispose of it safely and correctly. We’re used to going into tight attic spaces to remove old, smelly insulation and start over with a clean slate for your home insulation renovation. Whether you choose cellulose or spray foam, ensuring access to surfaces helps us to ensure that your property is properly sealed to improve insulation performance.

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